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Sunshine Music Time


with Mr. M!

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Sunshine Music Time Livestreams that I've done with my sons since mid-March and know that you have too!  I'm looking forward to some more personalized interaction with families for this next round of classes :) 

Meet me on Zoom for a twice a week class?

Who?  Families with children, about 7 and under.

What? A delightful music class focused on singing, rhyming, improvisation, dancing, instruments, ukulele playing, rhythmic beats, sense of story, finger-plays, and more.

When?  Sixteen classes, May 10 - June 29. 

Monday 4pm and Friday 10am.

Where? Zoom

How Much?  $200, Sliding scale  

Email Mr. M at with any questions.

Here’s what families have said...

For those of you who don't know him, Eric Maring is a local music educator, singer, songwriter, guitarist and all around wonderful person. He teaches and performs at numerous schools and venues in the area, has been written up in The Washington Post, The Examiner, The Gazette and others, and most importantly to us....has delighted the heart, soul and imagination of our 2 1/2 year old daughter who has been taking music classes with Mr. M since she was 10 months old!  We have watched in wonder and awe as our child’s rhythm and musicality have grown exponentially since we started Eric's music classes for little ones. Music class is her favorite activity of the week and her face (and ours!) lights up with joy at the beginning of each new class. We feel so very lucky to have had this wonderful activity to share with our daughter, and we cannot imagine our lives without the fullness that Mr. M's music class has brought to our family. My husband and I enjoyed singing to our little ones before, but the babies music class takes things to a whole new level of family fun. Mr. M incorporates the Musikgarten series in his classes, which includes Family Music CDs of the most creative, delightful children's music that we have ever experienced.

We just finished a class with Eric and cannot say enough about how it has affected our daughter -- we sing the songs from class all the time, and it's a big highlight of her week.  It's really been fun to watch her begin to develop an appreciation of different aspects of music beyond song lyrics -- like rhythm, experiencing a wide variety of instruments, learning call and response, and other fun stuff.  Finally, I really love how Eric makes the class about the kids experiencing music, not "teaching a song" -- that obviously happens too, but his focus is on exposure to music and learning through experience.  He also does a great job of going with the flow of the kids -- if it feels like a high-energy day, he goes with it even if it wasn't really part of his plan for that day's class.  Clearly a man taught by this parenting experience we all enjoy!!


Mister M is incredibly talented and creative. He really approaches his students at their level, and makes sure that both outgoing and shy students get a chance to fully participate. The songs he sings are delightful, and many of them have a subtext that teaches respect for the earth, environment, each other, etc. Parents and kids alike in our class loved singing, dancing, and learning about (and playing!) exotic instruments. FUN!


My daughter loved singing songs from music class at home, and the songs and activities that were new to us at music class have added to the fun we can have together at home. I really enjoyed the mix of songs at music class, with some familiar favorites and some new songs. The motions and movements to many of the songs were a lot of fun for all of us. My daughter has even played music class with her dolls - getting out her own instruments, having her doll sit on her lap, and singing songs. Thanks so much for a great class!


My son loves to sing the songs from class. In fact, when we see a tantrum coming on, we start to sing some of the songs, and often, he will forget about being angry or sad and sing along.  A MIRACLE!


After the first music class, every day my son would ask if we were going to music class. Also if he heard some music other than his normal cd's he would ask if it was Mr. M singing.


I can't wait to re-enroll for your next class. My son kept on asking the rest of the week to go back to music class. I'm not sure what I'll say to him now that it's over...


My daughter is always singing songs from Mr. M's class. She's also become conscious of sign language from exposure in the class. It's great to see the little details she picks up on.


Music class is one activity that our whole family can participate in. Often when driving in the car or playing at home one of the girls will start singing a song and we can all sing along together. We all thoroughly enjoy music class and will continue to sign up for future sessions.


When my child was starting to learn the days of the week, she knew that Monday was music class day and the entire week revolved around that. If it was Sunday, Mr M. was tomorrow; if it was Tuesday, Mr. M was yesterday, etc. She sang the songs at home all week long and was always excited about going to class.


The class not only teaches kids about singing and instruments, but also about sharing, taking turns, following directions, and being creative. We really enjoyed the class and can't wait for the next session to start!


We couldn't be more pleased with these classes. The songs and games are fun for everyone and I am amazed at how quickly the kids learn musical concepts. Eric does a wonderful job of getting each of the kids to experience music in their own way, and respecting all the different ways we learn.

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